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Dalian Jiaotong University and Our 2 Disciplines were Selected in Liaoning Province “Double First-rate”
Time:2017/03/27 13:40   Click:17765

Recently, according to the Implementation Scheme on Overall Promotion of World First-Rate University and Construction of First-Rate Discipline of Liaoning Province promulgated by Liaoning Province People’s Government (hereinafter referred to as the Implementation Scheme), Dalian Jiaotong University has been successfully selected in key construction universities in Liaoning province first-rate universities, materials science and engineering, and mechanical engineering have been selected in key construction disciplines in first-rate disciplines. In this round, a total of two universities affiliated to the ministry and their 22 disciplines, 20 provincial universities and their 43 disciplines have been selected.

Over the years, by adhering to “serving national strategy, Liaoning regional social economy and rail transit industry”, following characteristic development strategy, continuously improving the level of talent training, scientific research and social service, continuously innovating outstanding culture, and gradually enhancing international exchanges and cooperation, the university is generally recognized by the society, and enjoys a good reputation of “The Cradle of Chinese Rail Transit Equipment Manufacturing Engineers”, and has laid a good foundation for building characteristic high-level university in China. At the same time, the university implements the discipline priority development and characteristic development strategy by taking the discipline construction as the leading role, focuses on the construction characteristic disciplines such as materials science and engineering, and mechanical engineering, so as to drive the development of related disciplines, and realize overall promotion of the disciplines significantly, and rank the forefront among Liaoning provincial colleges and universities.

The selection in Liaoning Province “Double First-rate” will bring new opportunities and challenges to the university. According to specific deployment of national and provincial government, the university will further study the construction foundation, advantageous features and development potential; sum up experience, reasonably choose the construction way to first-rate university and first-rate discipline, scientifically develop construction and development planning, promote the construction of “Double First-rate” orderly; increase investment based on the disciplines, strengthen rail transit characteristics, focus on key construction of materials science and engineering, and mechanical engineering, and affect the development of related disciplines; strengthen the leading role of high-end talents, create first-rate faculty; improve personnel training quality guarantee system based on moral composition, talent cultivation and demand orientation, and cultivate top-notch innovative talents; develop scientific research and social service by tightly focusing on the revitalization of Liaoning Industrial Base and rail transit industry, improve the capacity of scientific and technological innovation and transformation of scientific and technological achievements; increase international exchanges and cooperation, constantly enhance academic reputation; further improve system mechanism, reform and innovation, promote the coordinated development of university and discipline construction, so that the university may rank the high-level universities in China as soon as possible, and materials science and engineering and mechanical engineering may rank the first-rate in China.