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Teacher’s Day Celebration and Commendation Meeting for 2015 Held Solemnly in Our School
Time:2015/09/11 11:11   Click:14598

In the afternoon on Sep. 10, our school held the Teacher’s Day Celebration and Commendation Meeting for 2015 in the auditorium thereof. Liu Xiaoying, School Party Secretary, Li Xuewei, School President, Chen Guoheng, Ren Ruiming, Guan Tianmin, School Vice Presidents, Zhao Wenchun, Fu Libin, School Assistant President and Li Jingjing, Chief Accountant attended the meeting and presented awards to those advanced collectives and individuals with the best performance on their respective posts.

In the meeting, Liu Ningchun, student from the Electrical Information College, represented all the students of the school to show their deep respect and sincere festival blessing to the teachers working hard on the educational and scientific research posts; Lu Bihong, famous teacher in Liaoning Province and Professor of Mechanical Engineering College, represented the faculty of the school to show their love for students and the determination to make constant new achievements in the education work; Yan Ping, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Guangxi Yucai Machine Group, represented the broad schoolfellows to thank the education and cultivation of the mother school and showed that he would lead the enterprise to further strength cooperation with the mother school to boost the development of the mother school in future.

Chen Guoheng, Vice President, announced the name list of the collectives and individuals of our school winning commendations of the State, province, city and school in respect of education and teaching, scientific research, subject construction, management and service, etc. in the past year. The leaders in the meeting presented awards to the award-winning collectives and individuals.  

This year, our school has established “exploring medal” – the highest honor in the school to commend those teachers making outstanding achievements in teaching, scientific research, startup, student guiding in respect of ideology, innovation and startup, etc. and those personages within and outside school supporting the development of the school. Through broad election, Professor Lu Bihong won the “exploring medal – teaching award”, Professor Zhao Wenzhong won the “exploring medal – innovation award”, Professor Guo Fangzhun won the “exploring medal – startup award”, Professor Chen Shaohua won the “exploring medal – education award”, Professor Song Baoyun won the “exploring medal – contribution award” and schoolfellow Yan Ping won the “exploring medal – contribution award” respectively. In the meeting, Liu Xiaoying, School Party Secretary, put the medals on for the six award-winners and Li Xuewei, School President, presented certificates to them.

Liu Xiaoying, School Party Secretary, made a fiery speech in the meeting. She presented the festival greetings to the faculty working on different posts such as teaching, scientific research, innovation and startup, experimental technology, management and logistic service, etc.; showed a warm congratulation to those advanced collectives and excellent teachers, advanced individuals being commended and a high respect to those veteran teachers, previous leaders, old comrades and schoolfellows of all circles who had contributed to the school development for a long time.  

Party Secretary Liu Xiaoying said that imparting knowledge and educating people is a great cause. She hoped that the faculty should keep firmly in mind the school motto of “exploring and persevering virtuously” to feel happiness in imparting knowledge and educating people, harvest pleasure in student growth and experience success in research and innovation. She presented three wishes for mutual encouragement with broad teachers:

The first is to establish virtue and educate people, consolidate the foundation for school building. Education is an important task for centuries to come, in which the virtue of teachers is the soul. The mission of university is to cultivate such students as having independent personality, studying for lifetime, having noble sentiments and a strong sense of responsibility. The connotation of establishing virtue and educating people requires a university to return and stick to the right of educating people and do the core work of “talent cultivation” well with a great effort. Therefore, taking virtue establishment and people education as the key link is the foundation for university development, around which the school should carry out all the work. It is only by taking hold of the key link that everything else will fall into its proper place.

The second is to teach by personal example as well as verbal instruction and accomplish what a teacher should accomplish. The duty of a university is to educate people. A student can achieve soaring in life when finding his/her kindling in school and igniting it. The responsibility of a teacher is to help students find such kindling. This year, the Party Committee has determined through discussion to establish the “exploring medal” as the highest honor in the school. It is hoped that the teachers in the schools will take the six award-winners as an example to enhance the sense of responsibility and mission earnestly, put the socialist core values into practices with their actions, ignite the yearning of students for true, good and beautiful things and guide students to grow healthily with their learning and experience.

The third is to create a good environment and establish an atmosphere to respect teachers. The ideology to respect teachers should be truly followed through in all the work in the school and it is endeavored to create a good environment and atmosphere to respect teachers and emphasize education so that the position and dignity of teachers are higher. The school will continue to strengthen the teacher team construction at the strategic height of relying on talents to build a stronger school, trust sufficiently, rely closely on the broad teachers and spare no effort to support excellent talents to display their abilities and make achievements in the fertile land of Dalian; the school will further deepen the reform to create a favorable environment for teachers to grow, care for the health of teachers and students, improve the study and work conditions and the benefits of the faculty gradually.

The Teacher’s Day is not only a festival for celebration, but also marks the beginning of a new journey. It is believed that the faculty will be bound to perform their holy duties and work hard to build a better tomorrow for Dalian Jiaotong University. The supreme glory will belong to the teachers of Dalian Jiaotong University. The success will belong to the students of Dalian Jiaotong University. A beautiful future will surely belong to Dalian Jiaotong University.