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2015 Freshmen Opening Ceremony Held In Our School
Time:2015/09/17 14:54   Click:13575

In the afternoon of September 15, our 2015 freshmen opening ceremony was held at the Phase II stadium of Lvshunkou campus. Party Secretary Liu Xiaoying, President Li Xuewei and other school leaders attended the ceremony. Party and government leaders, releated department heads and all 2015 undergraduates and graduates jointly attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided by assistant principal Zhao Wenchun.

The ceremony kicked off in the majestic national anthem. At the opening ceremony, student representatives and freshmen representatives gave their speeches in a row. They expressed their common ideal and faith of firmly their dreams, abide by their beliefs, work diligently and cultivate their moral quality as well as become an outstanding student of Dalian Jiaotong University.

President Li Xuewei gave a speech entitled "Light the passion, pursuit excellence". He first expressed his sincere congratulations and warm welcome to all the new students on behalf of school staff. He also expressed his sincere gratitude and highest respect to parents, teachers and friends who nurtured these students carefully. He briefly introduced the development history of the university, fine traditions and achievements to all freshmen. He also brought the words: "Light the passion, pursuit excellence" to students on how to walk the road of weth in the university.

President Li said in his speech, "Light the passion" means we should light up wer passion of dreaming first. To achieve that, we must draw strength from the spirit demonstrated during the War of Resistance against Aggression, vigorously carry forward the great spirit of patriotism and the spirit of the Anti-Japanese War, and to be brave to shoulder wer duties and firm wer ideals and beliefs; second, we must light up wer passion of setting mortality. To do that, we shall learn to distinguish right from wrong, pursuit truth and have a deep understanding of socialist core values and put them into practice. By doing so, we will become an excellent teenager with morality and ability; third, we need to light up wer passion of learning. We shall keep expanding wer horizons, not only study hard and diligently, but also know how to learn and good at learning. By all these measures, we can turn wer internal study interest into passion of learning and let interest and passion leading wer life.

When talking about "pursuit excellence", President Li said that to achieve " pursuit excellence" we should first strength wer will, to be diligent, endure loneliness, never being defeated and be an innovative pioneer; second, we need to seek constantly so that we can make achievements in the road towards excellence; third, we must overcome difficulties. We must learn to embrace failure, learn to forge ourselves in adversity, and take tough environment as an opportunity of learning experience.

2015 freshmen opening ceremony came to an end amid the warm applause of the audience successfully. The new students from all corners of China will have a new life journey in Dalian Jiaotong University. We will march and make progress under school motto of "Seek for morality and keep explorations". Let us fly our dreams, burst our youth glory and write a new chapter!