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DJTU Visited and Guided by Vice-governor Gang Rui
Time:2016/05/31 10:49   Click:18496

On the afternoon of May 6, Gang Rui (Vice-governor of Liaoning Province) visited DJTU for surveying and guiding our work, who was accompanied by Peng Yimin (Executive Deputy Director of CPC Liaoning Provincial Committee Organization Department), Ma Hui (Director of Liaoning Provincial Department of Education), Zhu Chengqing (Vice-mayor of Dalian), Zhao Yang (Director of Dalian Education Bureau), etc.

The survey team led by Vice-governor Gang Rui firstly paid a field visit to Continuous Extrusion Engineering Technology Research Center under the Ministry of Education, Advanced Equipment Technology Research Institute, National-local United Engineering Center for Rail Transit Design and Manufacturing Technology. After listening to reports on relevant work, Vice-governor Gang Rui required that DJTU should fully utilize good technological achievements and numerous outstanding talents to cooperate closely with enterprises of Liaoning, enhance the transformation of technological achievements and create more industrial achievements.

Subsequently, Vice-governor Gang Rui and other team members had a panel discussion with the leaders of DJTU and relevant departments. The discussion meeting was presided over by DJTU Party Secretary Liu Xiaoying; President Li Xuewei reported work on behalf of DJTU.

After hearing the reports, Executive Deputy Director Peng Yimin fully recognized the achievements of DJTU in terms of leading group building, party building work, team building, and talent training. He required that DJTU should reasonably arrange the learning education of “learning Party constitution & rules, learning the spirit of series speeches, behaving as a qualified Party member”, implement the “one position, dual responsibilities”, adhere to and perfect the president responsibility system under the leadership of Party committee, and firmly ensure the socialist direction of running school.

Finally Vice-governor Gang Rui gave an important speech. He fully affirmed the characteristics, development potential and achievements of DJTU. Meanwhile, he cordially expected that the intellectual resources and technical resources of DJTU would form productivity in Liaoning Province, combine with enterprise resources of Liaoning Province more reasonably, and provide greater driving energy for a new round of revitalization in Liaoning. According to this survey, he put forward five requirements:

Firstly, DJTU must always maintain a firm political orientation and political persistence. DJTU should always comply with the decisions of the CPC Central Committee and State Council, learn and implement the spirit of important speeches of Secretary General, learn and implement the arrangements of CPC Liaoning provincial committee and government.

Secondly, DJTU should train more suitable talents according to economic and social development, industrial demands and transformation & upgrading of traditional industries as well as the development of strategic emerging industries in Liaoning. According to professional characteristics, DJTU should train talents especially for transformation & upgrading of Liaoning equipment manufacturing industry, and enhance its contribution to local economic and social development.

Thirdly, the technical resources, intellectual resources and talent resources of DJTU should combine with enterprise resources and industrial resources of Liaoning more closely. DJTU should cooperate with more enterprises in Liaoning to establish engineering centers, R&D centers, laboratories and other R&D platforms, and increase investment in project R&D.

Fourthly, DJTU should encourage and support the innovation and entrepreneurship of teachers and students. By using the existing resources and R & D team and relying on its own capacity for innovation and entrepreneurship, DJTU should enhance the support to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship of staff and students. The innovation and entrepreneurship of university can promote the innovation and entrepreneurship of the whole society.

Fifthly, DJTU should focus on safety and stability of campus, and always pay more attention to safety and stability.

Vice-governor Gang Rui expected that DJTU would develop better, maintain the characteristics, give full play to advantages, and constantly make new contributions to economic and social development of Liaoning.