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The 3rd Chinese Rail Transportation Equipment Manufacturing High-level Forum hosted by Dalian Jiaotong University
Time:2016/10/09 16:15   Click:17612

In the afternoon of September 10th, the 3rd Chinese Rail Transportation Equipment Manufacturing High-level Forum was held at Dalian Jiaotong University, where experts and authoritative persons in business and academic circles had in-depth discussion about some cutting-edge topics involving the design, manufacture, production and operation of Chinese rail transportation equipment. The forum was hosted by Vice President Ren Ruiming of our university.

On behalf of Dalian Jiaotong University, President Li Xuewei extended his warm welcome  to all guests and leaders to this forum, as a way to express his thankfulness to their presence at the 60th university anniversary. "Chinese Rail Transportation Equipment Manufacturing High-Level Forum is an academic brand set up by us, " he said, "This time’s forum, themed by Tail Transportation Equipment Manufacturing and Technological Innovation, aims to, through the positive interaction among political, business and academic cycles, build a high-level, open and influential platform to promote communication and cooperation in personnel training, scientific research, technological innovation and industrial development.

Liu Hualong, CRRC general manager, expressed his point of view in this forum by saying that as a strategic partner, we will continue to consolidate our strong cooperative relationship with Dalian Jiaotong University, as a way to support school development, expand our scope of cooperation, deepen our cooperation in a comprehensive and specific way to make our relationship deeper and stronger, so as to achieve the end of win-win, make new breakthroughs, and build Chinese rail transportation equipment manufacture into a world-class industry.

In the speaking session, Academician Zhai Wanming with Chinese Academy of Sciences, Qi Yanhui, deputy director of Sci-tech Management Department of China Railway Corporation, Yu Weiping, vice president of CRRC, Liang Jianying, deputy general manager of CRRC Qingdao Sifang Co., Ltd. and Prof. Zhao Wenzhong respectively shared their point of views on topics like Sci-tech Challenges Facing the Large-scale operation of High-speed Railway, Sci-tech Innovation on Rail Transportation Equipment, Farther and Farther, Technological Innovation to Promote the Development of Chinese High-speed Railway, An-fatigue Design on Rail Vehicles’ Welded Structures and so on.