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Chinese Rail Transportation Equipment Manufacturing and Innovation Alliance was established at our university
Time:2016/10/09 16:18   Click:18455

In the morning of September 10th, Chinese Rail Transportation Equipment Manufacturing and Innovation Alliance was established at our university, which is initiated by Dalian Jiaotong University, together with members of the alliance including China Railway, CRRC, CREC, China Railway Construction Corporation and its affiliated companies.

The founding ceremony was attended by Liu Guoqiang, vice chairman of CPPCC-Liaoning Province, Xiao Shengfeng, mayor of Dalian City, Liu Hualong, CRRC general manager, Jia Deyong, director of the Inspection Office under the Ministry of Education, Wang Qiyao, deputy secretary of Dalian City, Qi Yanhui, deputy director of Sci-tech Management Department of China Railway Corporation, Sun Hualing, deputy director-general of Liaoning Provincial Education Department, Yan Ping, chairman of the Board of Guangxi Yuchai Group, as well as leaders from CREC and its affiliated companies, from municipal government authorities, from relevant enterprises inside and outside Liaoning Province, from cooperative colleges and universities at home and abroad, and from our university. Party Secretary Liu Xiaoying presided over this event.

Mayor Xiao Shengfeng delivered a speech by saying that, since its founding 60 years ago, Dalian Jiaotong University has trained tens of thousands of talents by taking its root deeply in Dalian, and has made great contributions to Dalian's economic and social development; CRRC is a strong scale enterprise, and CRRC Dalian Co., Ltd., Locomotive Research Institution and Electric Traction R&D Center have also made historical contribution to Dalian local construction. The establishment of this alliance will not only further deepen the industry-study-research cooperation between the alliance members and Dalian Jiaotong University, but also will accelerate the upgrade of Chinese rail transportation equipment manufacturing industry.

 Since the 32nd Teacher's Day will come, I would like to send my festival greetings to all faculty and staff, wishing you will stay true to the mission to move on with full dedication to an educational cause to the people’s satisfaction.

Alumnus Liu Hualong, the CRRC general manager, extended his congratulations on the establishment of Chinese Rail Transportation Equipment Manufacturing and Innovation Alliance.

While presiding over the event, Party Secretary Liu Xiaoying noted that the Chinese Rail Transportation Equipment Manufacturing and Innovation Alliance, launched by Dalian Jiaotong University, aims to thoroughly implement the "belt and road" and "high-speed rail going out" strategies, in a bid to meet the demand made by Liaoning provincial government and party committee on colleges and universities to contribute more to the economic and social development. The alliance will integrate innovative resources into enhancing the sci-tech research ability and technology commercialization between universities and enterprises, so as to provide national and Liaoning equipment industrial development with strong manpower and intellectual support.

President Li Xuewei noted in his speech that the establishment of Transportation Equipment Manufacturing and Innovation Alliance will further deepen the cooperation between university and each alliance member, which is conducive to making full use of and integrating each’s advantage resource, applying the latest research results to practice, and presenting the best R&D products to the world, so as to promote the upgrading of China rail transportation equipment manufacturing industry, and this will bound to invigorate the restructuring and development of Liaoning rail transportation equipment manufacturing industry.

On the ceremony, Dalian Jiaotong University signed a strategic cooperative agreement on talent cultivation, sci-tech cooperation, the commercialization of research findings and staff training, respectively with 17 enterprises like CRRC, Changchun Railway Vehicles Company, Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Company, CRRC Dalian Co., Ltd., Dalian Gona Technology Group Co., Ltd. and so on.