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Faculty Introduction
HU Zhuangqi
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Academician HU Zhuangqi graduated in Department of Chemistry of the UniversityofShanghaiin 1952. He is a metallic material expert and member of Communist Party of China. Now he is a researcher of metalinstituteofCAS. In 1995, he was elected as an academician of CAE. He has been the director of academic council of metalinstituteofCAS, director of research laboratory for high temperature alloy and special casting process, and director of National Key Laboratory for Flash Set and Non-equilibrium Alloy.  Now, he is a researcher of metalinstituteofCAS, doctoral supervisor, academician of Asia-Pacific Academy of Materials, member of China Materials Society, chief English version editor of Materials Science and Technology, counselor of the journal Rare Metal Materials and Engineering.  He is also honorary professor and part-time professor of a dozen of universities such as Northeastern University, Harbin Institute of Technology and Shenyang University of Technology.

Academician HU Zhuangqi has been occupied in development of high temperature alloy and non-equilibrium alloy and researches on other new materials and process for a long term. He has successfully developedChina’s first grade one hollow turbine blade material and blade material for the whole life of civil aircraft, hot corrosion resistant blade with crystallographic orientation, cobalt-base alloy blade with crystallographic orientation and special microcrystal powder.  He madeChina’s first supercharger for helicopter and put forward the theory of non-equilibrium redistribution of solutes in the process of binding setting. He has successively won the second prize for National Scientific and Technological Progress, first, second and third prizes of CAS for progress in science and technology and more than 10 provincial and ministry level awards.  The “development and promotion of grade one porous turbine blade supporting engine casted by air cooling” won first prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress.

411 papers of Academician HU Zhuangqi has published abroad and 366 at home.  He also published 4 monographs and 5 translations. He has applied for 14 patents, supervised 60 doctoral students and successively won honorary titles such as Model Worker of Liaoning Province, Outstanding Expert of Liaoning Province, Honorary and Excellent Expert of Shenyang City and Excellent Graduate Teacher of CAS Shenyang Branch.