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Faculty Introduction
CHEN Yunbo
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CHEN Yunbo is a Senior Engineer of rearch, professor, doctoral supervisor, academician of CAE, deputy director of the 8th CMES and director of advisory committee, assistant chief engineer of the Academy of Mechanical Science, institute director of materials engineering technology, director of National Heat Treatment Productivity Promotion Center, director of academic council of National Key Laboratory for Advanced Forming Technique and Equipment, and vice chairman of China Energy Society. In 1988, he was rated as the national young and middle-aged expert with outstanding contributions; in 1991, he enjoyed the special government subsidies issued by the State Council; in 1999, he was selected as an academician of CAE.

He has been working on the forefronts of scientific research and production for a long term and occupied in science and technology work of metallic materials, materials processing, surface engineering, surface anticorrosion, battery materials and mould technology.  He made many academic and technical innovations in solving problems of major engineering equipment and related key manufacturing technology, generic technology for new materials and new process, surface engineering technology and target system of damage and failure resistance for material environment.  He has successively led and undertaken major special projects of advanced materials for national defense in new material technology field during the “tenth Five-Year” and “eleventh Five-Year” plans and many national 863 special projects, 973 and 863 sub-projects, brainstorm projects and national science and technology support project during “eleventh Five-Year” plan. Recently, he has successively undertaken “national major special projects of science and technology” – researches on efficient cleaning and heat treatment for large castings, forgings and weldments, clean and close material forming, plasticity deformation mechanism of magnesium alloy and contour machining technology, researches on high-end die materials and their advanced preparative technique as well as surface heat treatment technique and researches and developments of ultra-fine grain technology of steel and iron materials, anode material for lithium ion battery, non-tempering technology of forgings (rolled pieces) as structural materials, numerical simulation of heat treatment process of large forging and multifunctional composite materials. He has successively won prizes of National Scientific and Technological Progress and Invention as well as more than 10 major scientific and technical awards at provincial and ministry levels and obtained 4 patents for invention.  By now he has published 3 monographs and more than 100 papers and supervised over 10 doctoral candidates and postgraduates.