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Undergraduate Program
Faculty Name Discipline / Professional
College of Materials Science and Engineering  Material Formation and Control Engineering 
Materials Physics 
Electronic Science and Technology 
Metallic Material Engineering 
Inorganic Nonmetallic Materials Engineering 
Materials Science and Engineering 
Welding Technique and Engineering 
College of Mechanical Engineering  Mechanical Engineering and Automation 
Measurement Control Technology and Instrument 
Industrial Engineering 
Mechatronic Engineering( International Cooperation In Running Schools) 
College of Communication and Transportation Engineering  Vehicle Engineering 
Traffic Engineering 
Communication and Transportation 
Vehicle Engineering( Motor Train Unit ) 
College of Electric Information  Electrical Engineering and Automation 
Communication Engineering 
Electronic Information Engineering 
Computer Science And Technology 
Network Engineering 
Electrical Engineering and Automation(EMU) 
Electronic Information Engineering( IC Design) 
College of Management  Marketing 
Business Administration 
Logistics Management 
Communication and Transportation( Transportation Economics) 
Information Management and System 
College of Environmental Science and Engineering  Environmental Engineering 
Chemical Engineering and Technology 
Applied Chemistry 
College of Foreign Languages  English 
College of Science  Mathematics and Applied Mathematics 
Information And Computing Science 
College of Arts  Industrial Design(Science and Engineering) 
Artistic Design 
Perform( Film And Television Perform) 
College of Information Engineering  Information Engineering 
Computer Science And Technology 
Business Administration 
Logistics Management 
Information Management and System 
College of Software  Material Formation and Control Engineering+ Software Engineering 
Materials Science and Engineering+ Software Engineering 
Materials Physics+ Software Engineering 
Information and Computing Science+ Software Engineering 
Mathematics And Applied Mathematics+ Software Engineering 
Mechanical Engineering and Automation+ Software Engineering 
Measurement Control Technology and Instrumentation+ Software Engineering 
Information Management and System+ Software Engineering 
Chemical Engineering and Technology+ Software Engineering 
Traffic Engineering+ Software Engineering 
Civil Engineering+ Software Engineering 
Environmental Engineering+ Software Engineering 
Applied Chemistry+ Software Engineering 
Safety Engineering+ Software Engineering 
Accounting+ Software Engineering 
Marking+ Software Engineering 
English+ Software Engineering 
Japanese+ Software Engineering 
Software Engineering( Upgrade From Junior College Student To University Student) 
Software Engineering(E-Commerce and E-Government Affairs)( Upgrade From Junior College Student To University Student) 
Ien International Institute  Computer Science and Technology 
College of Civil and Safety Engineering  Civil Engineering 
Safety Engineering 
College of Humanities & Social Sciences  Social Service