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Graduate Program
Faculty Name Discipline / Professional Level
College of Science  Applied Mathematics  Master 
College of Communication and Transportation Engineering  Vehicle Engineering  Master 
Transportation Planning and Management  Master 
Vehicle Operation Engineering  Master 
College of Mechanical Engineering  Mechanical Manufacture and Automation  Master 
Mechatronic Engineering  Master 
Mechanical Design and Theory  Master 
Mechanical Manufacture and Automation (Doctor)  Doctor 
College of Materials Science and Engineering  Materials Processing Engineering  Master 
Materials Physics and Chemistry  Master 
Materials Science  Master 
Materials Processing Engineering (Doctor)  Doctor 
College of Electric Information  Power Electronics and Power Drives  Master 
Control Theory and Control Engineering  Master 
Traffic Information Engineering and Control  Master 
College of Software  Computer Application Technology  Master 
College of Environmental Science and Engineering  Environmental Science  Master 
College of Management  Enterprise Management  Master 
College of Humanities and Social Sciences  Study of Localization of Marxism In China  Master 
College of Civil and Safety Engineering  Engineering Mechanics  Master 
Highway and Railway Engineering  Master